Business Background

Business Background

A strong manufacturing and service industry is fundamental to our nation’s economic prosperity. Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing has contributed to higher export potential, better standards of living, and more jobs. Every 100 jobs in a manufacturing facility creates an additional 250 jobs in other sectors. In short, manufacturing matters . The biggest challenge in front of manufacturing and service industry today is unfilled positions .i.e. . unavailability of skilled man force. Eighty percent of manufacturing executives reported they are willing to pay more than the market rates in workforce areas reeling under talent crisis. Still six out of 10 positions remain unfilled due to the talent shortage. This clearly indicates there are not a sufficient number of workers in manufacturing to fill these positions ( Ref – deloitte study results -US ) . Also, development of available Man force is becoming complex task for company management.

Let us see some of the recurring voices of employees across the industry.

Voice of Human Resource Team.

  • Unavailability of on time man force with expected skills .
  • No discipline, workers hardly work about 5 hrs if the machine is working.
  • People (reserved) with lack of knowledge in higher posts.
  • Bitter truth: talent is not appreciated.
  • People who works honestly are given more work.
  • Un availability of effective mentors , counselors and coach to develop existing man force.
  • Internal man power development programs are not effective or observed as lengthy process etc…..
  • Fancy resumes in market leads to wrong recruitment.

Voice of Junior and middle level management

  • We work hard but cant achieve expected results.
  • Lack of analytical skills.
  • Boss always pin point because of lack of soft skills
  • New technology and error free speed demand from customer resulting in phase lack
  • Stress affecting on personal life.
  • Supervisors are not skilled . Missing Gemba approach.
  • We want to learn and grab the knowledge and skills but don’t know single roof solution.
  • We get training from external agencies but theory will not workout
  • Lack of Understanding between cross functional teams
  • Team work is defined as “I team and You work”.
  • Always in exit plan feelings . Feel of Job insecurity .
  • Top management pay for skill development and not for will development .

Voice of CEO / Top Management.

  • People talk in English but without data.
  • Competitor is balancing “Skill Will” matrix resulted sustainable advantage.
  • HR has appointed external agencies for training and development . Practical gain found not effective
  • Next to me I expect some body to play the role of counselor and action coach
  • What to do with parasites?
  • Cost reduction / optimization approach is missing in existing team.
  • Quality costs are invisible !!

Voice of Freshers

  • What to do after final year exam !!!
  • Where I will get consultation about my career path !!
  • Where I should get knowledge of manufacturing or service technology !
  • Can some body help me in getting job !!!!
  • Shall I start my own business ?
  • Where I should work – In manufacturing industry or service industry and in which department ?

After realizing all these concerns , problem statements & near future risks ,as a quality talk team we decided to come
forward and act as “Action partner”.

Let us come together and add value in national campaign.

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SME – Electronic Sector Skill Council of India – EMS and PV Sector

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